Understanding the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Website building and web development are two closely linked subjects but they are not the same. While website Between Subjects Design building looks after the assembly of a few web pages and creating your website, the website development is all about its functionality. The look and feel of a website depends mostly on the website building but the functionality lies mostly on web development. However, in order to understand the contribution of the two processes, you need to divide the activities that lead to the creation of a website into the following four groups.

· Appearance of a website

· Functionality

· Ease of use

· Content


The appearance of a website is an important aspect when it comes to the competitive edge of a website. In order to provide the right appearance the web designers could follow certain principles but the best websites in appearance are made through innovative ideas of web designers. Font sizes, lay outs and use of colors are tools that are at their disposal. When a website is competing in the cyber space, appearance also plays and important part.


Functionality of a website is embedded mainly at the design stage with the use of languages such as Java and PHP. There is the possibility for the creation of dynamic web pages using these languages. Web pages that are created using these technologies have lots of interactive aspects. Beauty and health websites use these technologies often. You could see that when you move the mouse over pictures they change in size and change their color. These are all parts of web development.

Ease of use

The best judges of the ease of use of a website are the web surfers who visit websites. Easy navigation, shorter loading times and ease of using various other applications are all results of good web development practices. All these elements are covered under usability.


Content is one of the most important components of a website. A website without content is like a blank page of a news paper. Good content is what visitors are always looking for. It is the content that attracts visitors and also good content is able to convert visitors into customers. Adding the right content is basically a function that belongs to web designers.

When you look at the above elements it is clear that web design and web development are inter-dependent functions which cannot exist alone. This is why in a website development company they have website designers as well as website developers. They work in close collaboration in order to come out with quality websites at the end.

A web designer who has a good knowledge on HTML code and photo shop could add the necessary content on a web page along with graphics but in order to animate the same graphics or to get various effects on them, he needs a web developer. There are very many places in a website where both web design and web development works hand in hand. Therefore, though they are two different aspects both web design and web development are subjects that go together.

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