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The Football Association wanted to appeal to the spirit of 1966, when England defeated West Germany at its best in Wembley in the World Cup final with its red shirts. In owayo test laboratories, very good results have been achieved in removing stubborn stains with special washing programs for modern washing machines. Even stubborn stains that could not be removed with stain removers have been completely removed with special programs.

If you run an institute, club or school and are looking for a custom football kit, we can help you. We are the Konect Football Kit company that provides services such as personalized jersey, shorts and T-shirts according to customer requirements with the best rates. Do not carry a backpack / backpack on your football shirt. The constant rubbing of the shirt between the back and the jacket is abrasive in these delicate shirts. This causes those little bubbles that will appear on football shirts over time. Also try to avoid wearing anything with Velcro © because it sometimes sticks to your shirt and causes ugly hooks.

Can keep the sweater without any problems for decades. Washing your shirts in cold water is the best way to avoid contraction and discoloration, but using light warm water can help the detergent work a little better. Therefore, you have to decide if you think the stains take a little more effort to remove them. White distilled vinegar – An excellent diluted fungal vinegar can be worked directly on the stain, or you can soak the clothes in a bucket of water mixed with a cup of vinegar. You can also add 1-2 cups of vinegar to your washing machine per cycle to kill any moldy fragrance and brighten up your white. Laundry and drying articles should be washed upside down at a temperature of 20 ° C, ideally in a hand washing cycle if possible.

Even the low-fire configuration can cause shrinkage and if any stain remains, the dryer will make them permanent. Dry the hair with the sweater on a coat rack or place it on the back of a chair to air dry. The materials are designed to dry quickly, so it doesn’t take long for the sweater to wear.

A classic example is the banana uniform bruised with Arsenal, a uniform that is also found in films, music videos, etc. For example, if we look at the European scene of the best clubs, there are clearly some clubs that invest more than others to make iconic T-shirts. Some practical examples are the PSG and the Inter in Milan, which with their fourth kits, but for example, try to change the boundaries of what is normal to see on a football field. In addition, it is also good to look at the teams with a more clandestine character who, despite not playing in the best competitions, certainly stand out for their unique style. A classic example of this type of equipment is definitely the red Star Paris. I buy the most successful shirts today, they will be 10 years old, right???

Hopefully all your partner’s stains have come out of the kit. If they haven’t, don’t be afraid, just go through the pre-wash process again to remove the stain and then put it back in the washing machine. Make sure not to dry the item if the stain has not come out as it will allow the stain to be repaired.

In 1909, in an effort to help referees identify the goalkeeper among a group of players, the rules were changed to determine that the goalkeeper should wear a shirt of a different color from his teammates. Initially it was specified that the goalkeeper’s shirts should be scarlet or really blue, retro football kits but when green was added as the third option in 1912, he realized as soon as almost all goalkeepers played green. During this period, goalkeepers generally wore a heavy wool garment more like a sweater than shirts worn by field players. While traveling, you can easily wash your shirt by hand.

Also remove the garment from the wash immediately after the end of the cycle. As the game gradually changed from a search for wealthy fans to one dominated by worker professionals, the kits changed accordingly. In 1890, the Football League, which had been established two years earlier, ruled that there were no two teams capable of incorporating similar colors to avoid confrontations. This rule was later specified in favor of a rule that states that all teams must have a second set of shirts in a different color. Initially, the local team had to change color in a crash, but in 1921 the rule was changed to require the visiting team to change. The football kit has evolved significantly from the early days of the sport, when players wore thick cotton shirts, panties and stiff, heavy leather boots.

In the immediate post-war period, many teams in Europe were forced to wear unusual kits due to clothing restrictions. The Oldham Athletic of England, which traditionally wore blue and white, played two seasons with borrowed red-white shirts from a local rugby league club, and the Scottish Clyde wore khaki. In the 1950s, kits used by players in Southern Europe and South America became much lighter, with V-necks replacing collars on shirts and synthetic fabrics replacing heavy natural fibers.

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