Researchers from two major universities recently found that freshmen and sophomores don’t much, if at all, approach their freshman’s door better than when https://diginexus.edu.vn/ they started their first year. The professors who conducted the study, after analyzing two thousand random courses from different universities, concluded that the first two years of college did not lead to a significant level of study.

Who are the researchers and with which universities are they related?

The study’s professors are Dr. Richard Arum of New York University and Dr. Josip Rox of the University of Virginia. Their book, “Academically Going With the Flow: Limited College Campus Learning”, is an honest and direct look at the value of college in terms of what you’re learning.

The results of their research are frightening and honest.

By the end of the second year, 45% of students had little knowledge.

36 per cent of students have learned little or nothing after four years of schooling.

Those who have shown progress have shown only modest progress at best.

They put their estimates as follows:

Low expectations are reflected in assignments and classroom tests that do not require in-depth study or application of information and ideas.

Just 32% of students read more than 40 pages a week.

Half of the students surveyed did not attend any classes requiring more than 20 pages to write during the semester.

Students indicated that they only study 12 to 14 hours a week.

The authors turn to the higher education community to create higher expectations and direct students to higher levels of achievement so that they develop critical thinking skills – something they and everyone lacks in the business community of current graduates.

The authors go even further and say that until many colleges and universities make significant changes by abandoning expanded socialization strategies and opportunities and focusing more on academic performance and expectations, we should not expect any improvement.

The authors note that while the quality of educational institutions appears to be different, the problem is systemic.

What should we learn from this “devastating” assessment, as one analyst put it?

Basically it is when you do your homework before going to college, keep in mind that you can get a job that raises expectations about your future, only to disappoint when it is too late and that the money has been given out.

And how tragic it is that a student who was initially really unprepared for college might end up in a place where he or she wouldn’t learn anything first.
Surprisingly, stereotypes are still sold. Can women learn to love football? Can poor relatives understand a little?


Can men love ballet? What gender do you think men like Nijinsky, Nureyev and Baryshnikov have? Let’s face it: in these comfortable tights it’s not so hard to say.

And here’s another clue: men aren’t from Mars. Women are not from Venus. We all come from planet Earth. Places like Cleveland, Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Miami, Green Bay and Scottsdale. Fort Lauderdale, Jersey City and … You get it.

The thing is, we’re all just people. Husband and wife, all we really want is to be happy. I’d love it, too.

Anyway, sometimes on the way to happiness something funny happens. We’re being misled.

To make matters worse, we get instructions. First of all, know that we are Bob and Kay and have been living here for a while. In fact, there is not much time. So we have a lot of clues.

But keep in mind that getting instructions doesn’t mean you have to follow them.

For example, there is a trend where in order to be a real woman, you have to love shopping, hate (tremble) brutal men’s sports such as football and boxing, and love playing in the backyard.

Well, maybe. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But there is nothing wrong with a real woman who hates shopping (God knows Kay loves it), loves these brutal men’s sports (okay, every second is good) and kills … almost all the poor. Plant what it looks like (sorry, but here it is).

And there’s nothing wrong with a guy who likes to shop (Bob loves, little Beau Brammell), hates contact sports (actually, Bob is ready for more contacts, except that he’s an early voiced lightboxer and immediately changed his chosen career to salon (singer, especially salon part is attractive) and likes to grow roses (Bob is pretty neutral about the flower).

In short, what’s all this for? Nou, het punt is: we willen je graag behoeden voor het misssen van het plezier van voetbal, alleen omdat iemand je vertelde (of ieder geval schemeesterde), dat je voetbal moet haten all omeenat je een vrouw bent, en vrouwen yr football.

We say don’t let them tell you what to do! The basics of football are an easy thing for a cake like you. The only reason it might seem confusing is because they want you to think so.

Ignore them.

Football is just two groups of guys in tight suits who cross paths with each other to get to the other end of a long rectangular field. Trust us: you can handle it.

And more than that: you can enjoy it. There’s a lot of ballet. You know: grace, strength and agility.

And once you get used to it, quite a few failures. Movements and oncoming traffic. But with big, sturdy boys instead of small plastic chess pieces. Hey, what’s not to like?

So don’t buy stupid products that football isn’t for you, gentle (fu) fragile flowers. Be a woman !!! Don’t let them tell you what to do, what to love or who to be. Football is fun, smart and sexy. Just like you. See.

Bob Brooker and Kay O’Doherty want everyone to be happy. So if the football season destroys your relationship, and the war for TV clicks turns Love against the NFL, they’ll be more than happy to offer happier alternatives. Such as intimacy, romance, sex and M’M. All you have to do is watch football a little differently.

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