Block A Number On Android For A Direct Call? Multiple Methods, Step By Step

We illustrate the process with Android 11 in series in a Pixel 4; As usual in Android tours, the process may vary depending on your device. If your device does not have all these functions, try installing the Google Phone app. Some only offer this service at a price, so it is essential to fully consult your specific provider to fully understand their policies. Others may offer this service for free, but may have different conditions.

You can also manually add phone numbers that you want to lock. The application identifies each incoming call, especially those with unknown numbers, so you know if it is legitimate or not. Truecaller can automatically block unwanted calls based on known spammers, as well as numbers you add manually. Android phones today have one of the most commonly used cases in the world about their normal calling functions. It also offers users the peaceful option to block unwanted spam calls that continue to bother them. Automatic calls or phone calls from unwanted people can be annoying and there are people who prefer not to receive those calls.

Terms and conditions apply: see exactly what the four main operators offer via the links below. Thanks to Android smartphones, it is faster and easier than ever to contact family and friends. Unwanted spammers, strangers, telemarketers and other callers can be annoying. There is a simple solution to specifically stop callers: go ahead and lock them up!

Truecaller searches for the unknown number to find out who it is. With a community-based spam list of over 250 million users, it’s a great resource to avoid responding to an unwanted automatic call. It is still smart to register your number as an extra layer of protection against unwanted calls.

The advantage of using your provider is that a locked number remains locked even when you change smartphones. The Call Blocker Free app is one of the most popular call blocking apps in the Play Store. Although this is a free app, they also offer a premium version of it with the purchase function in the app.

The company also offers a fraud and spam blocking app for iOS and Android called Call Protect, and a family app known as AT&T Secure Family, also on iOS and Android. Here we mainly focused on blocking unwanted calls, but spam messages can also be a problem. If you receive junk who is texting me in your SMS inbox, we explained how to block sending spam text messages on Android. Most of these methods are applications similar to the above-mentioned call blocking applications. Reviews of these applications vary, as most require a subscription to enable all functions.

An improved call recognition feature displays detailed call information so you can determine if it is spam. A legitimate call has a Verified Number tag, while a possible spam call comes with a warning. You should check with your carrier if this is something you are offering and if it is worth paying. Most offer a free service level and a premium spam blocking option for an additional fee. Whether you find these premium call blocking applications is up to you.